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bangers & mashup- 23rd September 6.00pm

Meetup & Drinks

An event to allow you to return, reconnect and reunite with old and new friends in digital from 6pm on the 23rd September in London, venue TBC.

No speakers, no demos - just good people, together.

No charge for this event, simply join mashup* to RSVP for the event.

About mashup*

mashup* is a community of executives, entrepreneurs & investors who get together monthly to discuss & debate emerging digital opportunities that are affecting business & society now. 

Each event begins at 4pm, allowing members thirty minutes to network before the start of the formal event.  Each event has an expert speakers leading the conversation for ten minutes followed by a panel & group discussion and debate.

Over the past 10 years, mashup* has held over 140 events, conferences, seminars & workshops. Our community of over 7000 amazing people continue to help each other understand, plan and execute.

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